Rapper Marc Zuckerberg presents The Social Network Rap

But my business cards say I'm C.E.O bitch!

Schon mal überlegt, wie es sich anhören könnte wenn der Erschaffer von Facebook sich seiner Leidenschaft dem Rappen hin gibt? Wer jetzt ja sagt, der schwindelt aber nun ganz gewaltig – denn wie ein Gansta Rapper sieht Marc Zuckerberg nun wirklich nicht aus!

Aber man muss ja auch nicht immer ins Klischee passen, welches man von üblicherweise von Sängern aus dieser Musikbranche hat! Wobei ich auch sagen muss, das Video könnte auch etwas mehr …wenig begleitete Mädels zeigen ..wenn schon Marc Zuckerberg kein voll Kraft strotzender Muskelprotz ist! Zwinkerndes Smiley
Aber eigentlich ist das ja auch egal ..denn I´ll  be C.E.O. YO!!!!


Hier mal der Songtext für Euch!

They call me Young Zuck just a punk
Tryna be in finals clubs no girls showin‘ me love
But I don't give a fuck
I was made to be great facemashin‘ all my dates
As I crash the network — college aged Bill Gates
Not really a creep — okay, maybe social geek
You can check out my blog I'm telling it when I speak
Programmin up in my sleep I don't got many peeps
For friends — Eduardo he was one of them
I guess — yes, well lemme get this off my chest
I believe I'm the best when it comes to CS
Facebook — yo, that was my idea
Don't let them Winklevosses tell you that I steal
For real. I got the Napster as my bro
And he knows that this thing is about to blow
So I'ma hop on a plane to Palo Alto
Call up Peter Thiel and well…you know
I'll be C.E.O (yo!) x 2
Couple years go by I'm worth a couple of bill
And all these haters want a piece they jus need to chill
I look back on the site I was about to build
And never thought or dreamed that it could be this ill
I still got Asian groupies giving me brain
But now the phoenix is the name of my private plane
I abstain from doin‘ drugs cuz I know cocaine
Can really cause some peeps to go kind of insane
But it's kind of okay yea I've made mistakes
500 million friends ain't that easy to make
I went from wiring in to be in Wired magazine
And there's no AEPI when I fly Caribbean
Facebook — yo, it was meant to be
A social network expert or my destiny
jus a hacker turned legit a slacker and misfit


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