LMFAO Parody – im Geek Style

LMFAOs Party Rock Anthem – Geek Version

Den LMFAO Song hat wohl jeder schon einmal gehört, doch diese Geek Version ist noch richtig neu am Markt – gerade einmal 5 Tage alt und hat schon auf Youtube die halbe Million an Klicks erreicht! Was wohl auch daran liegen könnte, dass die Macher das Video richtig gut aufgezogen haben.

Auch der Text im Video wurde richtig gut umgesetzt und passt ziemlich gut zum Video! Hier der Text für Euch:

I decided to stay in tonight.
All my friends are out having good times
Gonna try to get some work done
All my friends are having fun

Try to organize my bathroom shelf
Quickly give up and just Google myself.
Gonna read my own blog posts
Shit I think I just saw a ghost

Stay home on a Friday night
Here kitty kitty, she likes to hide
Contemplate a tumblr feed
Looking for reality shows to stream
Where you at I gots to know
Sweat pants, pit stains like a hobo
Half veggie half cheese Domino’s
Here’s the money, please don’t go

I’m running through these dragons like bagons
Sending emails from my phone so no one knows I’m home alone
By myself ya – my buttons are popin’
Peein’ and poopin’ with the bathroom open

Party’ rockin’ in my house tonight
Gonna try out my new book light
Try to watch Dr. ( ) (Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae)
But it’s foreign so I fall asleep
I’m so lonely I could live tweet
Fill up all my friends Twitter Feeds
And I think I’m starting to regret
Is Dakota Fanning 18 yet?

All night I’m googling.

Stand up slow
You’ve been sitting to long your blood pressure’s low
Come and make that booty go
And now stop
Get off my KEY-BO

Bring my comforter out to the couch
Anxious cause my friends are all out
Talking to myself out loud
Facebook my Ex
I’m Naked Now!

( )
( )
( )
( )

Full crust
Full crust
Full crust

All my ( )
All my ( )

Naked ( ) my dirty clothes
Watching ( ) underneath my parents nose
Drink a cup a Triple Sec
It’s the only liquor I have – left
I think I’m having a panic attack
Everyone the ghost is back
I think I might be slowly losing my mind
Should of gone out and had a good time.




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  • yo im running through this dragons like
  • yo im running through this dragons like

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