SEO Rap – die Google Algo Changes

Google und seine Algo Updates – hier eine SEO Rap

Google hat es ja in letzter Zeit richtig krachen lassen und dabei mussten so einige Webmaster lassen! Zuerst das Panda Update, dann gefolgt vom Penguin Algo Update und wie es momentan aussieht, wird demnächst auch das Penguin 1.1 Update in Deutschland ausgerollt, welches schon in anderen Ländern aktiv ist!

Sobald dieses Update auch in Deutschland zieht, ist wohl wieder bei vielen Admins und SEOs das zittern angesagt! Im besten Fall geht es wohl ein Stückchen nach oben – im schlechtesten Fall rutscht die betreute Seite in den Serps nach hinten ab! Global hat sich hierzu m0serious seine Gedanken dazu gemacht und stellte einen Rap online, der über die Veränderungen der letzten Jahre handelt!



Hier der Text dazu:

The SEO Rapper, back with another one,
Pay attention this time you might learn something
dedicated to my online marketers
spending all day looking at monitors
First page aim
I get it in mayne
had Google tamed til the algorithm change
algorithm change?
yeah a algorithm change
for the past few years they changed up the game
what you talking about tell me how to get it in
let me take you back, 2010
local listing, Google Places
became part of search engine result pages
that was April, man you gotta see
everybody wanna be A – G
in June came Google caffeine
it increased Googles website crawl speed
Google Instant came in September
everybody was panicing, remember
then they switch gears and focused on landing pages
November Instant Previews initiated
Social Signal was added in December
your rank influenced by Facebook and Twitter
there was more changes in 2011
you know em?
I remember about 6 or 7
Attribution, updater
January try to stop content scrapers
they released Panda in February
messed up a whole bunch of people very scary
messed up who, not me
because you have good content and quality
they released Farmer in that same month
hurting people using content farms, huh?
in March they tried to get social right
+1 button similar to a facebook like
put it on the serp page next to the listing
so you can see who in your circle clicked it
Sitelinks, came in august
it was 12 then they cut it to 6
in October came a huge change mayne
encrypted search query hurt the analytic game
I use analytics to see what they typed in
if they was logged in, its not provided
they kept going seem like they won't stop
november release Freshness I call it ziplock
Here in 2012, they already at it
to many Ad's Above the Fold, call it
Top Heavy
this last one they did, very major
Plus Your World includes Google + social data
so far thats it but stay tuned mayne
seem like every month another algorithm change
yep, its my job to know what it is
well make sure that you keep me updated then.





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