M – Abkürzungen von Fachbegriffen aus der IT

“M” – Abkürzungsverzeichnis von Fachbegriffen aus der IT – dies bedeuten sie!

Fachsprachen gerade aus dem IT Umfeld haben es in sich! Doch gibt es für einen Fachbegriff auch noch eine Abkürzung, so haben oft selbst Experten aus einem angrenzenden Fachgebiet Probleme dessen Bedeutung zu erahnen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir hier ein kleines Abkürzungsverzeichnis aus dem EDV Bereich online gestellt.

Abkürzung –> Bedeutung


M –> Manage, Memory, Message, Mobile, Mode, Multi
M –> Meldeleitung
M2FM –> Modified Double Frequency Modulation
M2M –> Machine To Machine
M3U –> Motion Picture Experts Group 1 Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator
MA –> Management Agent
MA –> Master
MAB –> Maschinelles Austauschformat fuer Bibliotheken
MAB –> Mozilla Address Book
MABI –> Macintosh Application Binary Interface
MAC –> Machine Aided Cognition
MAC –> Mainframe Attachment Controller
MAC –> Maintaining Arc Consistency
MAC –> Mandatory/Medium/Media/Memory Access Control/Controller
MAC –> Membership Advisory Committee
MAC –> Message Authentication Check/Code
MAC –> Multi Access Computer
MAC –> Multiplexed Analogue Components
MAC –> Multiply Accumulate/Accumulator (Command, Unit)
MACE –> Middleware Architectural Committee for Education
MACF –> Mandatory Access Control Framework
MACH –> Modular Adaptive Computer Hardware
MACH –> Multilayer Actuator Head
MACH –> Multinational Automated Clearing House
MACH –> Multiple Asynchronously Communicating Hosts
MACP –> Motion Adaptive Color Plus
MACS –> Mixed Aloha Carrier Sense
MACS –> Modem Access Control System
MACUL –> Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning
MADCAP –> Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
MADSL –> Margin Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
MADT –> Maximum Allowable Down Time
MADT –> Mean Accumulated Down Time
MADT –> Micro Alloy Diffused Transistor
MADT –> Multiple APIC Description Table
MAE –> Macintosh Application Environment
MAE –> Metropolitan Area Exchange
MAF –> Mozilla Archive Format
MAGRAM –> Magnetic Random Access Memory
MAN –> Manchester (Coding)
MAN –> Metropolitan Area Network
MANET –> Mobile Adhoc Network
MANIAC –> Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator, and Computer
MANOVA –> Multivariate Analysis Of Variance (multivariate Varianzanalyse)
MAP –> Maintenance Analysis Procedure
MAP –> Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAP –> Manufacturing Package
MAP –> Mesh Access Point
MAP –> Message Access Protocol
MAP –> Mobile Application Part
MAPI –> Mail/Message/Messaging Application Programmer/Programming Interface
MAPICS –> Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control System (IBM)
MAPS –> Mail Abuse Prevention System
MAPTOP –> MAP Technical Office Protocol
MAR –> Memory Address Register
MARBI –> Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information (Committee)
MARC –> Machine-Readable Cataloging/Code
MARID –> MTA Authorization Records In DNS (IETF)
MARP –> Multi LAN Address Resolution Protocol
MARPA –> Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
MARS –> Message Archiving and Retrieval Service
MARS –> Military Affiliate Radio System
MARS –> Multicast Address Resolution Server
MAS –> Microsoft Anti-Spyware
MAS –> Multi Agent System
MASC –> Multicast Address-Set Claim (Protocol)
MASER –> Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASI –> (Laboratoire de) Modelisation et d'Architecture des Systemes Informatiques
MASM –> Macro Assembler (Microsoft)
MASS –> Mass Storage System
MASS –> Message Authentication Signature Standard
MATIP –> Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet Protocol
MATRIX –> Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange
MAU –> Medium Attachment Unit (Ethernet)
MAU –> Multi Station Access Unit
MAVT –> Mobile Audio Visual Terminal
MAZ –> Magnetbildaufzeichnung
MB –> Macro Block
MB –> Megabyte/Multi Byte
MB –> Meinungsbild (Wikipedia)
MBA –> Macroblock Address
MBA –> Managed (PC) Boot Agent
MBC –> Multi Bit Cell
MBCS –> Multibyte Character Set (encoding)
MBFT –> Multipoint Binary File Transfer
MBMS –> Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service
MBOA –> Multiband OFDM Alliance
MBONE –> Multicast/Multimedia Backbone
MBPS –> Megabits/bytes per second
MBR –> Master Boot Record
MBS –> Maximum Burst Size
MBS –> Mobile Broadband System
MBSA –> Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
MBX –> Mailbox
MC –> Master Control
MC –> Miniature Card
MC –> Mobile Commerce/Communication
MC –> Moving Coil
MC –> Multi Carrier/Cast
MC –> Multipoint Controller
MCA –> Machine Check Architecture
MCA –> Micro Channel Architecture (IBM)
MCA –> Mission Critical Application
MCA –> Motion Capture and Analysis
MCA –> Multiprocessor Communication Adapter
MCAD –> Mechanical Computer Aided Design
MCAST –> Motif Cluster Alignment and Search Tool
MCAT –> Metadata Catalog
MCB –> Memory Control Block
MCBSP –> Multi Channel Buffered Serial Port
MCC –> Mamas Computer Club
MCC –> Manchester Computing Centre
MCC –> Master Control Center
MCC –> Media Changer Commands
MCC –> Memory Cache Controller
MCC –> Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
MCC –> Mission Control Center
MCCI –> Multi-Channel Communications Interface
MCCI –> Multimedia Copyright Clearance Ireland
MCCOI –> Multimedia Communications Community of Interest
MCCS –> Monitor Command and Control Set (VESA)
MCLK –> Master Clock
MCD –> Mad Computer Disease
MCD –> Mini Client Driver
MCDA –> Micro Channel Developers Association
MCDS –> Mail Channel Directory System
MCDU –> Multipurpose Control and Display Unit
MCE –> Machine Check Exception
MCE –> Management Communication Engine
MCE –> Media Center Edition (Microsoft)
MCF –> Meta Content Format
MCF –> MOM Connector Framework (Microsoft)
MCFT –> Multi Cash File Transfer (eBanking)
MCGA –> Multi Colour Graphics Adaptor/Array
MCGAM –> MIXER Conformant Global Address Mapping
MCH –> Memory Controller Hub (Intel)
MCI –> Media Control Interface
MCIR –> Machine Controlled Interactive Retrieval
MCIS –> Microsoft Commercial Internet System
MCM –> Media and Communication Management
MCM –> Multi Carrier Modulation
MCM –> Multi Chip Module
MCN –> Media Catalogue Number
MCN –> Multiple Crossbar Network
MCNC –> Microelectronics Center of North Carolina
MCNS –> Multimedia Cable Network System
MCOP –> Management Coprocessor
MCOP –> Mobile Connect One-time Password
MCOP –> Multimedia Communication Protocol (KDE)
MCP –> Macintosh Coprocessor Platform
MCP –> Master Control Programm
MCP –> Media and Communications Processor
MCP –> Microsoft Certified Professional
MCP –> Multichip Package
MCPP –> Microsoft Communications Protocol Program
MCR –> Minimal/Minimum Cell Rate
MCS –> Master Control Station
MCS –> Mission Critical Server
MCS –> Modulation and Coding Scheme
MCS –> Multicast Server
MCS –> Multinational Character Set
MCS –> Multipoint Communication Services/System
MCSE –> Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCSG –> Mathematical and Computational Sciences Group
MCT –> Memory Controller
MCT –> Mind Control Technology
MCT –> MOS Controlled Thyristor
MCU –> Master Control Unit
MCU –> Memory/Micro/Multipoint/Module Control/Controller Unit
MCU –> Minimum Coded Unit
MCU –> Multi Chip Unit
MCU –> Multicast Unit
MCU –> Multipoint Conferencing/Control Unit
MCX –> Media Center Extender
MD –> Mail Drop
MD –> Mediation Device
MD –> Message Digest
MD –> Mini Disk
MD5 –> Message Digest 5
MDA –> Mail Delivery Agent
MDA –> Media Dependent/Device Adapter
MDA –> Mediated Digest Authentication
MDA –> Mesh Deterministic Access
MDA –> Mobile Digital Assistant
MDA –> Model Driven Architecture
MDA –> Merci d'avance (Slang)
MDA –> Monochrome Display Adapter
MDAC –> Master Data Acquisition and Control System
MDAC –> Microsoft Data Access Component
MDBMS –> Multidimensional DBMS
MDBS –> Mobile Data Base Station
MDDI –> Mobile Digital Display Interface (VESA)
MDE –> Maschinendatenerfassung
MDEC –> Motion (JPEG) Decoder
MDF –> Main Distribution Frame
MDG –> Message Design Guidelines
MDG –> Minimum Delay Generator
MDG –> Mobile Data Gateway/Group
MDG –> Module Dependency Graph
MDG –> Multiple Default Gateway
MDG –> Multiuser Dungeon Game
MDH –> Multimedia Data Handling
MDI –> Media Dependent Interface
MDI –> Multiple Document Interface
MDIS –> Mobile Data Intermediate System
MDIX –> Media/Medium Dependent Interface Crossed
MDK –> Multimedia Development Kit (Microsoft)
MDN –> Message Disposition Notification
MDNI –> Management Director (!) Network Interface
MDNI –> Multicast Device Network Interface
MDNS –> Managed Data Network Service
MDR –> Minimum Design Requirement
MDS –> Meta Data Server
MDS –> Microsoft Deployment Solution
MDS –> Minimum Dominating Set
MDS –> Monitoring and Discovery Service
MDS –> Mulit-Dimensional Scaling
MDS –> Multiple Data Stream
MDSD –> Model Driven Software/System Development/Design
MDSD –> Monitoring and Data Support Division
MDSL –> Medium Bit Rate/Multirate Digital Subscriber Line
MDSTV –> Mediendienstestaatsvertrag
MDT –> Mittlere Datentechnik
MDT –> Mobile Data Terminal
MDY –> Month Day Year (Datumsangabe)
ME –> Micro Edition
ME –> Mobile Equipment
ME –> Mutation Engine
MEB –> Memory Expansion Board
MEC –> Memory Expansion Card
MECN –> Mobile Extended Corporate Network
MEDARS –> Medical Access and Retrieval System
MEDLINE –> Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
MELANI –> Melde- und Analysestelle Informationssicherung, Schweiz
MEMS –> Micro Electro-Mechanical System
MEO –> Medium Earth Orbit
MERIT –> Michigan Education Research Insruction Triad
MERLIN –> Message Handling and Radio Link Management
MERS –> Most Economical Route Selection
MES –> Mobile End System
MESFET –> Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MESI –> Modified Exclusive Shared Invalid (Cache)
MET –> Memory Enhancement Technology
MET –> Middle European Time
MET –> Mission Elapsed Time
METAL –> Macro Expansion Template Attribute Language
MEXE –> Mobil Station Execution Environment
MEZ –> Mitteleuropaeische Zeit
MF –> Marinefunker
MF –> Multifunktion
MFC –> Mainframe Computer
MFC –> Microsoft Foundation Classes
MFC –> Multifunktionale Chipkarte
MFFS –> Microsoft Flash File System
MFI –> Metafile Input
MFIA –> Magtape Formatter Interface Adapter
MFJ –> Modified Final Judgement
MFLOP –> Million Floating Point Operations
MFM –> Modified Frequency Modulation
MFO –> Metafile Output
MFP –> Multifunction Peripheral
MFPA –> Multi Function Peripheral Association
MFQ –> Multilevel Feedback Queue
MFR –> Multi Frequency Receiver
MFS –> Macintosh File System
MFS –> Maximum Frame Size
MFS –> Memory File System
MFS –> Mitteilungen fuer Seefunkstellen
MFT –> Master File Table
MFT –> Multi-Programming with a Fixed number of Tasks
MFTL –> My Favorite Toy Language
MFTP –> Multicast File Transfer Protocol
MFV –> Mehrfrequenz-Wahlverfahren (Telefon)
MG –> Master Group
MG –> Media Gateway
MGA –> Mehrgeaeteanschluss
MGA –> Monochrome/Multimode Graphic Adapter
MGC –> Media Gateway Controller
MGCP –> Media Gateway Control Protocol
MGFT –> Motion Group Fourier Transform
MGPF –> Multiprogram General Purpose Facilities
MGR –> Multi Gigabit Router
MH –> Modified Huffman (Compression)
MHD –> Moving Head Disk
MHEG –> Multimedia and Hypermedia Expert Group
MHF –> Message Handling Facility
MHN –> Muenchener Hochschul-Netz
MHOTY –> My Hat's Off To You (Slang)
MHP –> Multimedia Home Platform
MHS –> Message/Mail Handling Service/System
MHTML –> MIME encoded Hypertext Markup Language
MI –> Mode Indicate
MI –> Modul Interface
MI –> Multiple Instruction (Stream Computer)
MIA –> Missing In Action (Debian)
MIAS –> Mehrwertsteuerinformationsaustauschsystem
MIB –> Management Information Base
MIB –> Melde- und Informationssystem Binnenschifffahrt
MIC –> Macro Interpretative Command
MIC –> Media Interface Connector
MIC –> Memory In Cassette
MIC –> Message Integrity Check/Code
MIC –> Mode Indicate Common
MIC –> Multimedia Interactive Control
MICA –> Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation
MICE –> Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe
MICK –> Multimedia-Informations-Centrum Karlsruhe
MICR –> Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICS –> Mobile Information and Communication Systems
MID –> Maritime Identification Digit
MID –> Message Identifier
MID –> Mobile Internet Device
MIDI –> Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDP –> Mobile Information Device Profile
MIDS –> Matrix Internet Data Survey
MIEF –> Management Information Error Facility
MIF –> Management Information File/Format
MIHMA –> Model-based Integration Heterogeneous Multimedia Archives
MII –> Media Independent Interface
MII –> Microsoft, IBM, Intel
MIL –> military; Internet-Domain: Militaer in den USA
MIL –> (amerikanische Militaernorm)
MIL –> Machine Interface Layer
MILNET –> Military Network, USA
MIM –> Metall-Isolator-Metall (Bildschirm)
MIMD –> Multiple Instructions Multiple Data
MIME –> Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIMO –> Multiple Input Multiple Output
MINC –> Multilingual Internet Names Consortium
MINT –> Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften, Technik
MIO –> Modular Input Output
MIP –> Maximum Integration Phone
MIPA –> Mutual Internet Practices Association
MIPS –> Million Instructions Per Second
MIPS –> Most Irrelevant Product Specification
MIPS –> Multimedia Interactive Protocols and Systems
MIPTEL –> Mobile IP Telephony
MIRC –> Medical Informatics Research Center
MIRC –> Mardam-Bey/Modified/Moo/Multi-user/Multiple/Mu/My Internet Relay Chat
MIS –> Management Information System
MIS –> Metal Insulator Semiconductor
MISD –> Multiple Instructions Single Data
MISDN –> Modular ISDN
MIT –> Management Information Tree
MIT –> Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MITI –> Ministry of Trade and Industry, Japan
MITM –> Man In The Middle (attack)
MITMA –> Man In The Middle Attack
MITS –> Model Instrumentation Telemetry System
MIX –> Member Information Exchange
MIXER –> MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay
MJ –> Major Descriptor
MJ –> Modular Jack (Steckersystem)
MJD –> Modified Julian Date
MJPEG –> Motion-JPEG
MKB –> Media Key Block
MKL –> Mathematical Kernel Library (Intel)
MKT –> Multifunktionales Kartenterminal
ML –> Machine/Markup/Meta Language
ML –> Maximum Likelihood
MLA –> Micro Lense Array
MLA –> My Local Address
MLAN –> Mailing List for ArcNews
MLAN –> Militarized/Mobile/Music Local Area Network
MLAN –> Modulo-Lattice Additive Noise
MLC –> Multi Level Cell
MLD –> Master Logic Diagram
MLD –> Multicast Listener Discovery
MLDM –> Machine Learning and Data Mining
MLE –> Millenium Language Extension
MLI –> Multiple Link Interface
MLID –> Multiple Link Interface Driver
MLIS –> Multilingual Information Society
MLM –> Mailing List Manager
MLM –> Multi-Level Marketing
MLP –> Message/Multilayer Link Protocol
MLP –> Mobile Location Protocol
MLPPP –> Multi Link PPP
MLR –> Multi-Channel Linear Recording
MLS –> Multi Level Security
MLS –> Multiple Link Support
MLT –> Mechanized Loop Testing
MLT –> Multi-Level Transition/Transmission
MLT –> Multi Link Trunking
MLV –> Multi Language Vendor
MM –> Maschinenlesbares Merkmal
MM –> Material/Mobility Management
MM –> Metadata Manager
MM –> Moving Magnet
MM –> Multiple Master
MMA –> Million Message Attack
MMA –> Multi-Megabit-Anpassung
MMAC –> Multi Media Access Center
MMAP –> Multi Media Access Profile
MMC –> Man Machine Communication
MMC –> Matched Memory Cycle
MMC –> Microsoft Management Console
MMC –> MIDI Machine Control
MMC –> Multi Media Card/Commands
MMCA –> Multi Media Card Association
MMCD –> Multimedia Compact Disc
MMCRS –> MMC-RS: Multi Media Card — Reduced Size
MMDF –> Multichannel Memorandum Distribution Facility
MMDS –> Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System
MME –> Multi Media Extensions
MMF –> Make Money Fast
MMF –> Multi-Mode Fiber
MMI –> Man Machine Interface
MMIC –> Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMIS –> Materials Manager Information System
MMJ –> Modified Modular Jack (Steckersystem)
MMK –> Multimediale Kommunikation
MML –> Man Machine Language
MML –> Mathematical Markup Language
MMM –> Memory Mapper Modul
MMM –> Micro Macro Magician
MMM –> Microsoft Multimedia Movie
MMM –> Mobile Media Mode
MMM –> Multi Media Mediocrity
MMORPG –> Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
MMP –> Massive Multi Processing
MMPC –> Multi Message Package Chaffing
MMPM –> Multi Media Presentation Manager
MMR –> Modified Modified Read (Compression)
MMR –> Multi Hop Relay
MMS –> Manufacturing Message Specification
MMS –> Module Management System
MMS –> Multimedia Messaging Service
MMS –> Multimedia Survey
MMSI –> Maritime Mobile Service Identity
MMT –> Multimedia Timer
MMTCA –> Multimedia Toolbox for Cooperative Applications
MMU –> Memory Management Unit
MMX –> Multi Media Extensions
MN –> Minor Descriptor
MNG –> Minimal No-Good
MNIT –> Mobile Networks Integration Technology
MNP –> Microcom Networking Protocol
MNP –> Multiple Networking Program
MNRE –> Manual Not Read Error (Slang)
MNS –> Managed Network Services
MO –> Magneto-Optical (Disk)
MO –> Managed Object
MO –> Mobile Originated (Message)
MOAP –> Multihop Over the Air Programming
MOBB –> Month Of Browser Bugs
MOCA –> MoCA: Multimedia over Coax Alliance
MOCA –> Music Online Competition Act
MOD –> Magneto-Optical Disk
MOD –> Movie/Music On Demand
MODCA –> Mixed Object Document Content Architecture
MODEM –> Modulator-Demodulator
MODFET –> Modulation Doped Field Effect Transistor
MOESI –> Modified, Owner, Exclusive, Shared, Invalid
MOF –> Meta Object Facility
MOF –> Microsoft Operations Framework
MOH –> Music On Hold
MOHLL –> Machine Oriented High Level Language
MOKB –> Month Of Kernel Bugs
MOLAP –> Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing
MOLI –> Microsoft Online Institute
MOLP –> Microsoft Open License Pak
MOM –> Map Oriented Machine
MOM –> Message Oriented Middleware
MOM –> Microsoft Operations Manager
MOO –> MUD/Multiuser Object Oriented
MOON –> Management Of Optical Networks
MOP –> Maintenance Operations Protocol (DEC)
MOP –> Multiple Original Prints
MOPL –> Map oriented Programming Language
MOPS –> Million Operations Per Second
MORE –> Masters Of Reverse Engineering
MORE –> Message Output Routine Environment
MORE –> Monatliche Rechnungsstellung
MORE –> Multimedia Oriented Repository Environment
MORE –> Multiple Optical Recording Enhancements
MOS –> Mean Opinion Score
MOS –> Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSC –> Modified Original Smart Card
MOSFET –> Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOSIX –> Multicomputer Operating System for UNIX
MOSPF –> Multicast Extensions to OSPF
MOSPF –> Multicast Open Shortest Path First
MOSS –> Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
MOSS –> MIME Object Security Services
MOST –> Media Oriented Systems Transport
MOST –> Mobile Open Systems Technology
MOSTL –> Metal Oxide Semiconductor Transistor Logic
MOSTL –> Microsoft Office Smart Tag List
MOT –> Multimedia Object Transfer
MOTAS –> Member Of The Appropriate Sex (Slang)
MOTIS –> Message Oriented Text Interchange System
MOTU –> Mark Of The Unicorn, Inc., USA
MOTU –> Mobile Technical Unit
MOU –> Memorandum Of Understanding
MOV –> Metal Oxide Varistor
MP –> Magic Packet
MP –> Massively Parallel
MP –> Mesh Point
MP –> Multilink Protocol
MP –> Multiple Processors
MP –> Multipoint Processor
MP –> Multiprocessing
MP2 –> MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2
MP3 –> MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
MPA –> Minimum Perceptable Action
MPA –> Motion Picture Association
MPAA –> Motion Picture Association of America
MPC –> Media Port Controller
MPC –> Microsoft Certified Professional
MPC –> Multimedia PC
MPCS –> Manufacturing Planning and Control System
MPDL –> Music Parameter Description Language
MPE –> Maximum Permissible Exposition
MPE –> Multiprogramming Executive
MPEG –> Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG1 –> MPEG-1: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 1
MPEG2 –> MPEG-2: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 2
MPEG3 –> MPEG-3: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 3
MPEG4 –> MPEG-4: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 4
MPEG7 –> MPEG-7: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 7
MPEG21 –> MPEG-21: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 21
MPEGA –> MPEG-A: Moving Picture Experts Group multimedia application format
MPEGB –> MPEG-B: Moving Picture Experts Group systems technologies
MPEGC –> MPEG-C: Moving Picture Experts Group video technologies
MPEGD –> MPEG-D: Moving Picture Experts Group audio technologies
MPEGE –> MPEG-E: Moving Picture Experts Group multimedia middleware
MPF –> Mapping Field
MPG –> Medizinprodukte-Gesetz
MPI –> Message Passing Interface
MPI –> Multi-Protocol Interchange
MPICH –> Message Passing Interface Chameleon
MPL –> Mozilla Public License
MPLS –> Multi-Protocol Label Switching
MPM –> Message/Multi Processing Module
MPMLQ –> Multipulse Maximum Likelihood Quantization
MPN –> Microsoft Partner Network
MPOA –> Multi Protocol Over ATM
MPP –> Massively Parallel Processing/Processor
MPP –> Message Posting/Processing Program/Protocol
MPPP –> Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
MPQS –> Multiple Polynomial Quadratic Sieve
MPR –> Massenparallelrechner
MPR –> Maet- och Provningsr{aa}det (Schweden)
MPR –> Multi-Protocol Router
MPR –> Multipart Repeater
MPR –> Multipoint Relay
MPRM –> Mobile Payment Reference Model
MPT –> Memory Protocol Translator
MPT –> Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, UK + Japan
MPTF –> Multiple Protocol Transport Feature
MPTN –> Multi-/Multiple Protocol Transport Network (IBM)
MPTP –> Micro Payment Transfer Protocol
MPTS –> Multiprotocol Transport Services (IBM)
MPU –> Microprocessor Unit
MPU –> MIDI Processing Unit
MPW –> Macintosh Programmers/Programming Workbench
MPX –> Multi Pointer X (Server)
MPX –> Multiplex
MQ –> Message Queuing
MQE –> Managed Query Environment
MQI –> Messaging and Queuing Interface
MQT –> Materialized Query Table
MR –> magneto-resistiv
MR –> Modem Ready
MR –> Modified Read (Compression)
MRAM –> Magnetoresistive/Ferromagnetic Random Access Memory
MRB –> Method Request Broker
MRC –> Magneto-Resistive Cluster
MRCC –> Maritime Rescue Coordination Center
MRCF –> Microsoft Realtime Compression Format
MRCI –> Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface
MRM –> Motif Resource Manager
MRM –> Multi Resolution Mesh
MRML –> Mind Reading Markup Language
MRML –> Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language
MRO –> Multi-Region Operation
MRP –> Material Requirements Planning
MRP –> Manufacturing Resource Planning
MRPL –> Main Ring Path Length
MRS –> Media Recognition System
MRS –> Microcontroller Readable Sector
MRS –> Mode Register Set
MRS –> Moderator Recovery System
MRS –> Monitored Retrievable Storage
MRT –> Mean Repair Time
MRTD –> Machine Readable Travel Document
MRU –> Maximum Receive Unit
MRU –> Most Recently Used
MRZ –> Machine Readable Zone
MS –> Management Services
MS –> Memory Stick/System
MS –> Message Store
MS –> Microsoft Corporation
MS –> Mobile Station
MS –> Multiplexer Section
MS –> Music/Speech
MSA –> Microsoft Systems Architecture
MSA –> Mobile Service Architecture
MSAA –> Microsoft Active Accessibility
MSAIS –> Multiplexer Section Alarm Indication Signal
MSAM –> Microsoft Screen Access Model
MSAM –> Multikeyed Indexed Sequential File Access Method
MSAP –> Minislotted Alternating Priorities
MSAS –> Multi-functional Staellite Augmentation System
MSAS –> Multimedia-Stream Adaptation Services
MSAU –> Multi-Station Access Unit
MSB –> Most Significant Bit/Byte
MSC –> Main Service Channel
MSC –> Mid Speech Clipping
MSC –> Mile Standard Cable
MSC –> Mobile (Services) Switching Centre
MSCDEX –> Microsoft Compact Disk Extensions
MSCHAP –> Microsoft Challenge/Reply Handshake Protocol
MSCP –> Mass Storage Control Protocol
MSCS –> Microsoft Cluster Server/Services
MSD –> Mass Storage Device
MSD –> Most Significant Digit
MSDL –> Motion Special Description Language
MSDN –> Microsoft Developer Network
MSDOS –> Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSDP –> Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
MSDR –> Multiplexed Streaming Data Request
MSDS –> Microsoft Developer Support
MSDS –> MIDI Sample Dump Standard
MSFDC –> Microsoft + First Data Corporation
MSG –> Message
MSI –> Maritime Safety Information
MSI –> Medium Scale Integration
MSI –> Message Signaled Interrupt
MSI –> Microsoft Installer
MSIE –> Microsoft Internet Explorer
MSIL –> Microsoft Intermediate Language
MSISDN –> Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network
MSISDNN –> Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number
MSK –> Minimum Shift Keying
MSL –> Master Symbol List
MSL –> Map Specification Library
MSL –> Mean Sea Level
MSL –> Mirrored Server Link
MSLR –> Max Scan Line Register
MSLR –> Morphological and Syntactic LR Parser
MSM –> Mainstream Media
MSN –> Microsoft Network
MSN –> Multiple Subscriber Number
MSO –> Multiple System Operator
MSOH –> Multiplexer Section Overhead
MSOPF –> Multicast Open Shortest Path First
MSP –> Message Security Protocol
MSP –> Multiplexer Section Protection
MSR –> Machine Specific Register
MSR –> Message Service Routine
MSR –> Messen, Steuern, Regeln
MSR –> Model Specific Registers
MSR –> Multiplicity Shift Register
MSRN –> Mobile Station Roaming Number
MSS –> MAN Switching System
MSS –> Maximum Segment Size
MSS –> Mobile Satellite Service
MSSG –> MPEG Software Simulation Group
MSTE –> Multiplexer Section Terminating Equipment
MSTP –> Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
MSU –> Multi Service Unit
MSV –> Medium Speed Variant
MSW –> Machine Status Word
MSX –> Matsushita Sony X-machine
MSX –> Machines wirh Software Exchangeability
MSX –> Microsoft Extended (BASIC)
MSX –> Microsoft X-box
MSX –> Multiprotocol Session Exchange
MSXML –> Microsoft XML
MT –> Megatransfers
MT –> Mersenne Twister
MT –> Mobile Terminated (Messaging)
MT –> Movable Type
MT –> Multi-Topology
MTA –> Macintosh Telephony Architecture
MTA –> Mail/Message Transfer Agent
MTA –> Multiple Terminal Access
MTBB –> Mean Time Between Breakdowns
MTBDL –> Mean Time Between Data Loss
MTBF –> Mean Time Between Failures
MTBJ –> Mean Time Between Jams
MTC –> Multi Threaded Calculation
MTD –> Memory Technology Device
MTDA –> Mean Time Data Availability
MTF –> Mean Time to Failure
MTF –> Microsoft Tape Format
MTF –> Modulation Transfer Function
MTFBWY –> May The Force Be With You (Slang)
MTH –> Memory Translation/Translator Hub
MTJ –> Magnetic Tunnel Junction
MTM –> Made To Measure
MTM –> Matrix Transformation Method
MTM –> Memory To Memory (interface)
MTM –> Mobile To Mobile
MTM –> Mobile Trusted Module
MTM –> Multitracker Module
MTN –> Mini Typing Notify
MTOPS –> Millions Theoretical Operations Per Second
MTP –> Mail Transfer Protocol (Internet)
MTP –> Message Transfer Part
MTP –> Meteo Time Protocol
MTQP –> Message Tracking Query Protocol
MTRR –> Memory Type Range Register
MTS –> Message Transfer/Telephone Services/System
MTS –> Michigan Terminal System
MTS –> Microsoft Transaction Server
MTS –> Multichannel Television Sound
MTS –> Multimedia Teleschool (Berlitz)
MTSAT –> Multifunctional Transport Satellite (System)
MTTF –> Mean Time To Failure
MTTH –> Mean Time To Half Brightness
MTTR –> Mean Time To Recovery/Repair
MTU –> Maximum Transfer/Transmission Unit
MTUF –> Magnetic Tape Unit Formatter
MU –> Message Unit
MUe –> Maschinelle Uebersetzung
MUA –> Mail User Agent
MUCK –> Multi User Chat Kingdom
MUD –> Multi/Multiple-User Dialogue/Dimension/Dungeon (Spiele)
MUEW –> Monopoluebertragungsweg
MUF –> Maximal Usable Frequency
MUFF –> Maus- und Fenster-Firlefanz
MUI –> Magic User Interface (Amiga)
MUK –> Medien und Kommunikation
MUL –> Memory Upper Low
MUL –> Mobile User Link
MULTICS –> Multiplexed Information and Computing Service
MUMPS –> Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System
MUNDI –> Multiplexed Network for Distributive and Interactive Services
MUSE –> Multiple Sub-Nyqyist-Sampling Encoding
MUSEN –> Meinem Unmassgeblichen Sprachempfinden Nach (Slang)
MUSH –> Multi-User Shared Hallucinations
MUSIC –> Multiple Signal Characterization/Classification
MUSICAM –> Masking Universal Subband Integrated Coding and Multiplex
MUTEX –> Mutual Exclusion
MUX –> Multiplexer
MV –> Medium Voltage
MVA –> Multi-domain Vertical Alignment (panel)
MVAD –> Mobile Value Added Distributor (Intel)
MVB –> Multimedia Viewer Book
MVC –> Manual Volume Control
MVC –> Model View Controller (design pattern)
MVC –> Multimedia Viewer Compiler
MVC –> Micro-Bit-Virus-Centrum, Karlsruhe
MVCC –> Multi Version Concurrency Control
MVD –> Multi Valued Dependency
MVDM –> Multiple Virtual DOS Machines
MVFS –> Multi Version File System
MVGA –> Monochrome Video Graphics Array
MVIP –> Multi Vendor Integration/Interaction Protocol
MVL –> Multiple Virtual Line
MVM –> Matrix Vector Multiplier
MVNO –> Mobile Virtual Network Operator
MVP –> Multimedia Video Processor
MVQ –> Motion Vector Quantization
MVS –> Multiple Virtual Storage/Systems (IBM)
MVT –> Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks
MVT –> Multi Vendor Teaming
MW –> Mittelwelle, Medium Wave
MWC –> Mirror Write Cache
MWCG –> Multiply With Carry (random number) Generator
MWCM –> Molecular Wire Crossbar Memory
MWD –> Mehrwertdienst
MWI –> Message Waiting Indication
MWM –> Motif Window Manager
MWMR –> Multiple Write, Multiple Read
MWN –> Managed WAN Networks
MX –> Mail Exchange/Exchanger (DNS-Record)
MXF –> Material Exchange Format
MXS –> Mail Exchangers (plural of MX)
MXS –> Message Exchange Services
MXS –> Microsoft Exchange Server
MXT –> Memory Expansion Technology (IBM)
MYOB –> Mind Your Own Business (Slang)
MZAP –> Multicast-Scope Zone Announcement Protocol

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