R – Abkürzungen von Fachbegriffen aus der IT

“R” – Abkürzungsverzeichnis von Fachbegriffen aus der IT – dies bedeuten sie!

Fachsprachen gerade aus dem IT Umfeld haben es in sich! Doch gibt es für einen Fachbegriff auch noch eine Abkürzung, so haben oft selbst Experten aus einem angrenzenden Fachgebiet Probleme dessen Bedeutung zu erahnen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir hier ein kleines Abkürzungsverzeichnis aus dem EDV Bereich online gestellt.

Abkürzung –> Bedeutung

R –> Radio, Real, Receive, Reference, Remote
RA –> Radiocommunications Agency
RA –> Random Availability
RA –> Receiver Address
RA –> Regulaerer Ausdruck
RA –> Repository Access
RA –> Return Authorization
RA –> Router Advertisement
RAB –> RAID Advisory Board
RAC –> Radio Amateurs of/du Canada
RAC –> Real Application Cluster (Oracle)
RAC –> Remote Access Concentrator
RACE –> Research And Development in Advanced Communication Technologies in Europe
RACE –> Row-based ASCII Compatible Encoding
RACF –> Resource Access Control Facility (IBM)
RACH –> Random Access Channel
RACKS –> Reusable Application Interface for Communicating Real-Time Kernels
RACON –> Radar Beacon
RAD –> Rapid Application Development
RADAR –> Radio Detecting and Ranging
RADB –> Routing Arbiter Data Base
RADIUS –> Remote Access/Authentication Dial-In User Service
RADSL –> Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
RAEBNC –> Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment (Slang)
RAG –> Row Address Generator
RAI –> Remote Alarm Indication
RAID –> Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Discs
RAK –> Regeln fuer die alphabetische Katalogisierung
RAL –> Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
RALU –> Register Arithmetic Logic Unit
RAM –> Random Access Machine/Memory
RAM –> Rate Adaptive Mode
RAM –> Rechargeable Alcali Mangan (battery)
RAMDAC –> Random Access Memory Digital Analog Converter
RAMP –> Remote Access Maintenance Protocol
RAMPS –> Reliability, Availability, Manageability, Performance, Serviceability
RAND –> Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (License)
RAO –> Remote Access Outsourcing
RAOLSR –> Radio Aware Optimized Link State Routing
RAP –> Radio Local Loop Access Profile
RAP –> Rapid Application Prototyping
RAP –> Rogue Access Point
RAP –> Route Access Protocol
RAP –> Roving Analysis Port
RAR –> Roshal Archiver
RARE –> Reseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne
RARP –> Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (Internet)
RAS –> Random Access Storage
RAS –> Registration, Admission, and Status
RAS –> Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
RAS –> Remote Access Server/Service
RAS –> Row Address Select/Strobe
RASMED –> Redundant Array of Slightly More Expensive Disks
RAST –> Receive and Send Terminal
RASUM –> Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Usability, Manageability
RAT –> Register Alias Table
RAT –> Remote Administration Toolkit
RATP –> Reliable Asychronous Transfer Protocol (Internet)
RATS –> Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society
RATS –> Rough Auditing Tool for Security
RAVE –> Renderer Acceleration Virtual Machine
RAW –> Read After Write
RBAC –> Role Based Access Control
RBAM –> Remote Batch Access Method
RBBS –> Remote Bulletin Board System
RBER –> Residual Bit Error Rate
RBL –> Realtime/Remote Black/Blackhole List
RBM –> Rule Base Memory
RBOC –> Regional Bell Operating Company
RBS –> Reference Broadcast Synchronization
RBW –> Resolution Bandwidth
RBW –> Reverse Band Working
RBW –> Roll Back Version
RC –> Reaction Controller
RC –> Receive Common
RC –> Receive(r) Clock
RC –> Recent Change (Wikipedia)
RC –> Reconfigurable Computer/Computing
RC –> Release Candidate/Critical
RC –> Remote Command/Control
RC –> Replica Catalog
RC –> Resource Control (UNIX)
RC –> Return Code
RC –> Rivest's Cipher (Ron's Code, RC1–RC6)
RC –> Routing Control
RC –> Run Command
RCA –> Radio Corporation of Amerika, USA
RCA –> Ripple Carry Adder
RCB –> Release Critical Bug
RCC –> Radio Common Carrier
RCC –> Reduced Complexity Computer
RCC –> Remote Cluster Controller
RCC –> Rescue Coordination Centre
RCC –> Routing Control Center/Channel
RCD –> Recordable Compact Disc
RCDATA –> Replaceable Character Data
RCE –> Region Code Enhancement
RCE –> Revision Control Engine
RCEVH –> Research Centre for the Education of the Visually Handicapped
RCF –> Registration Confirmation
RCLK –> Rack Clock
RCP –> Radio Control Protocol
RCP –> Reality Immersion Coprocessor
RCP –> Retransmission Control Procedure
RCS –> Record Communication Switching System
RCS –> Resource Construction Set
RCS –> Revision Control System
RCS –> Rights Control System
RCU –> Read, Copy, Update
RCV –> Receive
RD –> Receive Data
RD –> Recursive Design
RD –> Request Disconnect
RD –> Resource Discovery
RD –> Route Distinguisher
R&D –> Research and Development
RDA –> Remote Data/Database Access
RDAT –> Rotary Digital Audio Tape
RDB –> Receive Data Buffer
RDB –> Relational Database
RDBMS –> Relationales Datenbank-Management-System
RDC –> Remote Dual Copy
RDCCG –> Regional Data and Computing Center Germany, Karlsruhe
RDD –> Replaceable Database Driver
RDE –> Ruby Development Environment
RDF –> Resource Definition/Description Format/Framework
RDH –> RSA DES Hybrid
RDL –> Register Description Language
RDMA –> Remote Direct Memory Access
RDN –> Relative Distinguished Name
RDO –> Remote Data Object
RDOS –> Real-time Disk Operating System
RDP –> Reliable Datagram Protocol (Internet)
RDP –> Remote Desktop Protocol (Microsoft)
RDR –> Rijksdienst voor Radiocommunicatie
RDRAM –> Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
RDRN –> Rapidly Deployable Radio Network
RDS –> Radio Data System
RDS –> Rapid Development System
RDS –> Reliable Datagram Socket
RDS –> Remote Data Services
RDS –> Resolver Discovery Service
RDSL –> Rate-adaptive/Residential/Reverse Digital Subscriber Line
RDSR –> Receiver Data Service Request
RDSS –> Radio Determination Satellite Services
RDST –> Rotating Head Digital Storage Tape
RDTSC –> Read Time Stamp Counter
RE –> Recall
RE –> Regular Expression
RE –> Report Engine
RE –> Recursively Enumerable
RE –> Reverse Engineering
REACH –> Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals
READSL2 –> Reach Enhanced ADSL2
RED –> Random Early Detection
REG –> Regular Languages
REGEX –> Regular Expression
REGEXP –> Regular Expression
REGTP –> Regulierungsbehoerde fuer Telekommunikation und Post
REJ –> Reject
REKO –> Reparatur-Konzept (Swisscom)
REL –> Rights Expression Language
REM –> Remark
REM –> Remote
REM –> Reseau d'Enseignement Multimedia
REM –> Ring Error Monitor
REO –> Removable Erasable Optical Disk
REP –> Reply to Message Number
REP –> Robots Exclusion Protocol
REQ –> Request
RES –> Radio Equipment and Systems
RES –> Remote Execution Server/Service
RES –> Reset, Restore
RES –> Rotation Error Signal
REST –> Representational State Transfer
RESV –> RSVP Reservation Request
RESX –> Resource as Extensible Markup Language
RET –> Resolution Enhancement Technology (HP)
REXX –> Restructured Extended Executor (IBM)
RF –> Radio Frequency
RF –> Relevance Feedback
RF –> Remote File
RF –> Royalty Free (License)
RFA –> Remote File Access
RFA –> Request For Adoption (Debian)
RFB –> Remote Frame Buffer
RFC –> Remote Function Call
RFC –> Request For Comments (Internet)
RFC –> Response For a Class
RFD –> Request For Discussion (Usenet)
RFE –> Radio Free Ethernet
RFE –> Remote File Execution
RFE –> Request For Enhancement
RFH –> Remote Frame Handler
RFI –> Radio Frequency Interference
RFI –> Request For Information
RFID –> Radio Frequency Identification
RFLA –> Real Full Look Ahead
RFNM –> Ready/Request For Next Message
RFOG –> RFoG: Radio Frequency Over Glass
RFP –> Radio Fixed Parts
RFP –> Request For Packaging (Debian)
RFP –> Request For Proposal
RFQ –> Request For Quotation/Quote
RFS –> Remote File Sharing/System
RFS –> Remote Forensic Software
RFT –> Request For Technology (OSF)
RFT –> Revisable Format Text
RFU –> Reserved for Future Use
RG –> Radio Guide (coax cables)
RGB –> Rot (Red), Gruen (Green), Blau (Blue) (Farbmodell)
RGBA –> Rot (Red), Gruen (Green), Blau (Blue), Alpha (Farbmodell)
RGDI –> Renaissance Graphics Device Interface
RGEB –> Red, Green, Emerald, Blue (Farbmodell)
RGP –> Raster Graphics Processor
RGSM –> R-GSM: Railways GSM-900 Band
RGU –> RG/U: Radio Guide/Utility (Kabel)
RH –> Request/Response Header
RH –> Registration Hierarchy
RHAD –> Red Hat Advanced Development (Laboratories)
RHC –> Regional (Bell) Holding Company
RHCE –> Red Hat Certified Engineer
RHCS –> Red Hat Cluster Suite
RHEL –> Red Hat Enterprise Linux
RHN –> Red Hat Network
RHNT –> Registration Hierarchical Name Tree
RHOB –> Relevant Hierarchical Operational Binding
RHS –> Right Hand Side
RHSA –> Red Hat Security Advisory
RI –> Referential Integrity
RI –> Ring In/Indicator
RIA –> Red Ink Award
RIA –> Rich Internet Application(s)
RIA –> Robot Institute of America
RIAA –> Recording Industry Association of America
RIAS –> Rundfunk Im Amerikanischen Sektor, Berlin
RIB –> RenderMan Interface Bytestream
RIB –> Routing Information Base
RIC –> Radio Identify Code
RID –> Relative Identifier
RID –> Retinal Imaging Display
RIF –> Radio/Renderman Interface
RIF –> Record Identifier
RIF –> Regional/Resource Information
RIF –> Resource Interchange File
RIF –> Routing Information Field/Frame
RIF –> Rule Information
RIF –> Rule Interchange Format
RIFF –> Resource Interchange File Format
RII –> Ring/Routing Information Indicator
RIM –> Records and Information Management
RIM –> Remote Installation and Maintenace
RIM –> Request Initialization Mode
RIMM –> Rambus In-line Memory Module
RIMS –> Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station
RIN –> Relative Intensity Noise
RIP –> Raster Image Processor
RIP –> Request In Progress
RIP –> Routing Information Protocol
RIP –> Remote Image/Imaging Protocol/Processing
RIPA –> Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, UK
RIPE –> Reseaux IP Europeenne
RIPL –> Remote Initial Program Loading
RIPNG –> Routing Information Protocol Next Generation
RIPSO –> Revised Internet Protocol Security Option
RIR –> Regional Internet Registry
RIS –> Remote Installation Services
RIS –> Routing Information Service
RISC –> Reduced Instruction Set Code/Computer
RITA –> Reduced Interim Type Approval
RITA –> Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent
RJ –> Registered Jack
RJE –> Remote Job Entry (IBM)
RJS –> Remote Job Service
RK –> Relevanzkriterium (Wikipedia)
RKE –> Remote Keyless Entry
RKO –> Root Key Operator
RL –> Real Life (Slang)
RL –> Reconfigurable Logic
RL –> Remote Loopback
RLC –> Radio Link Control
RLC –> Run Length Coding
RLDRAM –> Reduced Latency Dynamic Random Access Memory
RLE –> Research Laboratory of Electronics
RLE –> Run Length Encoded/Encoding
RLF –> Reverse Line Feed
RLG –> Research Libraries Group
RLIN –> Research Libraries Information Network (RLG)
RLL –> Radio in the Local Loop
RLL –> Row Level Locking
RLL –> Run Length Limited
RLM –> Receiver-driven Layered Multicast
RLM –> Robotic Library Manager
RLM –> Robust Linear Model
RLMT –> Redundant Link Management Technology
RLN –> Remote LAN Node
RLP –> Radio Link Protocol
RLP –> Resource Location Protocol
RLS –> Remote Learning System
RLSD –> Received Line Signal Detected
RLV –> Ringleitungsverteiler
RM –> Real Media
RM –> Records Management
RM –> Reference/Relational Model
RM –> Resource Management
RM –> Retention Module
RM –> Reuters Messaging
RMA –> Rate Monotonic Analysis
RMA –> Remote Memory Access
RMC –> Radio Monte Carlo
RMC –> Rambus Memory Controller
RMC –> Resource Monitoring and Control
RMF –> Remote Management Facility
RMI –> Remote Method Invocation
RMII –> Reduced Media Independent Interface
RMOA –> Realtime Multimedia Over ATM
RMON –> Remote (Network) Monitoring
RMP –> Radio Management Panel
RMP –> Random Match Probability
RMP –> Reliable Multicast Protocol
RMP –> Remote Maintenance Panel/Processor
RMP –> Resource Management Plan/Program/Project
RMS –> RAID Management Software
RMS –> Rate Monotonic Scheduling
RMS –> Reason Maintenance System
RMS –> Record/Resource Management Services/System
RMS –> Replica Management System
RMS –> Richard Matthew Stallman
RMS –> Root Mean Square
RMT –> Reliable Multicast Transport
RMT –> Ring Management
RMX –> Reverse Mail Exchange
RNA –> Remote Network Access
RNA –> Rufnummernanzeige
RNARS –> Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society
RNC –> Radio Network Controller
RNG –> Random Number Generator
RNI –> Reseau National d'Interconnexion de Renater
RNIS –> Reseau Numerique a Integration de Services
RNR –> Receive Not Ready (frame)
RNRT –> Reseau National de Recherche en Telecommunications
RNSI –> Remote Node Service for ISDN
RO –> Read Only
RO –> Ring Out
ROADS –> Resource Organization And Discovery in Subject-based services
ROADS –> Running Out of Address Space
ROBO –> Remote Office Branch Office
ROC –> Restricted Operators Certificate
RODPO –> Reading on Demand – Paper Option (vulgo Buch)
ROFBTC –> Rolling On the Floor Biting The Carpet (Slang)
ROFL –> Rolling On the Floor Laughing (Slang)
ROFLASTC –> Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat (Slang)
ROFLMAO –> Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off (Slang)
ROHC –> Robust Header Compression
ROHS –> Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electric and Electronic Equipment
ROI –> Rectangle/Region Of Interest
ROI –> Return Of Investment
ROKSO –> Register Of Known Spam Operations
ROLAP –> Relational Online Analytical Processing
ROLZ –> Reduced Offset Lempel Ziv (Algorithmus)
ROM –> RAID On the Motherboard
ROM –> Read Only Memory
ROMB –> RAID On Motherboard
RONJA –> Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access
ROP –> RISC Operation
ROPES –> Rapid Object Oriented Process for Embedded Systems
ROPS –> Remote Operations Service
ROS –> Record On Silicon
ROS –> Remote Operation Service
ROS –> Resident Operating System
ROSA –> Receive Only Satellite Antenna
ROSE –> RATS Open System Environment
ROSE –> Research Open Systems for Europe
ROSE –> Remote Operations Service Element/Entity
ROTD –> Release Of The Day
ROTFL –> Rolling On The Floor Laughing (Slang)
ROW –> Rest Of the World
RP –> Radio Paging
RP –> Randomized Polynomial time
RP –> Rendezvous Point
RPA –> Remote Passphrase Authentication
RPB –> Radio-Praktiker-Buecherei
RPB –> Reverse Path Broadcasting
RPC –> Radio Paging Call
RPC –> Regional Playback Control
RPC –> Remote Procedure Call
RPC –> Root Path Cost
RPD –> Rapid Prototyping Development
RPDB –> Routing Policy Database
RPDFP –> Remote Physical Device Finger Printing
RPELPC –> Regular Pulse Excited Linear Predictive Coder
RPELTP –> Regular Pulse Excitation with Long-Term Prediction Loop
RPF –> Reverse Path Forwarding
RPG –> Record Program Generator (IBM)
RPL –> Requested Privilege Level
RPL –> Resident Programming Language
RPM –> Radio Packet Modem
RPM –> Rapid Prototyping Module
RPM –> Red Hat Package Manager
RPM –> Revolutions per minute
RPN –> Reverse Polish Notation
RPPROM –> Reprogrammable PROM
RPS –> Redundant Power Supply
RPS –> Remote Procedure Services
RPSL –> Routing Policy Specification Language
RPSU –> Redundant Power Supply Unit
RPU –> Ray Processing Unit
RQBE –> Relational Query By Example
RQST –> Request
RR –> Radio Regulations
RR –> Real Reality
RR –> Receive/Receiver Ready
RR –> Resource Record (DNS)
RR –> Round Robin
RRA –> Remote Record Access
RRAS –> Routing and Remote Access Service
RRC –> Radio Resource Control
RRC –> Remote Route Collector
RRD –> Round Robin Database
RRDS –> Reduced Resolution Data Set
RRDS –> Relative Record Data Set
RRG –> Reichsrundfunkgesellschaft
RRI –> Resource Recovery Interface
RRIP –> Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol
RRJ –> Registration Reject
RRLP –> Radio Resource LCS Protocol
RRO –> Radial Run Out
RRP –> Registry Registrar Protocol
RRQ –> Registration Request
RRRR –> Round Robin Record Rotation (DNS)
RRT –> Radar Range Tracking
RRT –> Radio Receiver Transmitter
RRT –> Radio Relay Terminal
RRT –> Random/Randomized Response Technique
RRT –> Range Router Table
RRT –> Rapid Reprogramming Terminal
RRT –> Recommended Replacement Time
RRT –> Request Response Trace
RRT –> Routing Request Timer
RRZN –> Regionales Rechenzentrum Niedersachsen, Hannover
RS –> Reader Stop
RS –> Recommended Standard (RS-232 …)
RS –> Record Separator
RS –> Reed Solomon (code)
RS –> Registry Service
RS –> Request to Send
RS –> Route Server
RS –> Router Solicitation
RS232 –> RS-232: Recommended Standard 232 (Norm fuer serielle Schnittstelle)
RS422 –> RS-422: Recommended Standard 422 (Norm fuer serielle Schnittstelle)
RSA –> Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
RSAC –> Recreational Software Advisory Council
RSB –> Repair Service Bureau
RSB –> Reservation State Block
RSBAC –> Rule Set Based Access Control
RSC –> Radio Spectrum Committee (Europe)
RSC –> Readability of Source Code
RSC –> Reduced Slot Cycle
RSC –> Remote Switching Center
RSC –> Reset Circuit
RSC –> Residence Service Center
RSC –> Reusable Software Component
RSC –> Root Server Confederation
RSC –> Route Switch Controller (Cisco)
RSC –> Routing Setting Controller
RSCS –> Remote Spooling and Communications Subsystem
RSCV –> Route Selection Control Vector
RSDP –> Root System Description Pointer
RSDT –> Root System Description Table
RSE –> Register Stack Engine
RSET –> Reset
RSFQ –> Rapid Single Flux Quantum (Logic)
RSI –> Repetitive Strain Injury
RSIP –> Realm Specific Internet Protocol (parameter)
RSIS –> Relocateable Screen Interface Specification
RSL –> Radio Signaling Link
RSL –> Received Signal Level
RSL –> Registry Size Limit
RSL –> Request and Status Link
RSL –> Reserve Static Line
RSL –> Resilient Server Link
RSL –> Resource Specification Language
RSMLT –> Routed Split Multi Link Trunking
RSN –> Real Soon Now (Slang)
RSN –> Russian Security Newsline
RSOH –> Regenerator Section Overhead
RSP –> Required Space Character
RSPC –> Reed Solomon Product Code
RSPCWS –> Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelties to Web Surfers
RSRB –> Remote Source Route Bridging
RSS –> Radio Subsystem
RSS –> RDF Site Summary
RSS –> Really Simple Syndication
RSS –> Resident Set Size
RSS –> Rich Site Summary
RSSAC –> Root Server System Advisory Committee
RSSI –> Received Signal Strength Indication
RST –> Readability, Signal Strength, and Tone
RST –> Receive Start Threshold
RST –> Reset and Restart
RSTE –> Regenerator Section Terminating Equipment
RSTP –> Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
RSTS –> Resource Sharing and Time Sharing
RSTV –> Rundfunkstaatsvertrag
RSVD –> Reserved
RSVP –> Resource Reservation Setup Protocol
RSX –> Real Time Resource Sharing Executive
RT –> Radio Text
RT –> Real/Run Time
RT –> Receive Timing
RT –> RISC Technology
RTA –> Runder Tisch Amateurfunk
RTAI –> Real Time Application Interface
RTAM –> Remote Terminal Access Method
RTAS –> Run-Time Abstraction Services
RTB –> Regional Testbed
RTC –> Real Time Clock
RTC –> Return To Control
RTC –> Reseaux Telphoniques Commutes
RTCA –> Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RTCM –> Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
RTCP –> Realtime Transport Control Protocol
RTDL –> Real-Time Data Link
RTE –> Real-Time Enterprise
RTE –> Right to Left Embedding
RTEID –> Real Time Executive Interface Definition
RTEL –> Reverse Telnet
RTEMS –> Real Time Executive for Military/Multiprocessor Systems
RTEMS –> Real Time Energy Management Solutions
RTF –> Rich Text Format
RTFAQ –> Read The FAQ (Slang)
RTFB –> Read The Funny Binary (Slang)
RTFF –> Read The Fantastic FAQ (Slang)
RTFM –> Read The Fine/Fantastic/Funny … Manual (Slang)
RTFS –> Read The Funny Source (Slang)
RTK –> Real Time Kernel
RTK –> Real-Time Kinematic Positioning
RTL –> Register Transfer Level
RTL –> Resistor Transistor Logic
RTL –> Right To Leave (Slang)
RTL –> Run Time Library
RTLS –> Real Time Locating System
RTM –> Read The Manual (Slang)
RTM –> Real Time Modeling
RTM –> Release To Manufacturing
RTM –> Response Time Monitor
RTMP –> Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
RTNR –> Real-Time Network Routing
RTO –> Retransmission Timeout
RTOS –> Real Time Operating System
RTP –> Rapid Transport Protocol
RTP –> Realtime Transport Protocol
RTP –> Regulierungsbehoerde fuer Telekommunikation und Post
RTP –> Rendezvous and Termination Protocol
RTP –> Realtime Transport Protocol (Internet)
RTR –> RARE Technical Report
RTS –> Ready/Request To Send
RTS –> Real Time System
RTS –> Reliable Transfer Service
RTS –> Remote Telnet Service
RTS –> Request To Send
RTSE –> Reliable Transfer Service Element (OSI)
RTSP –> Realtime Signal Processor
RTSP –> Realtime Streaming Protocol
RTSPS –> Realtime Streaming Protocol Secure/Server/Service/Specification
RTSPU –> Realtime Streaming Protocol Unreliable
RTT –> Resonant Tunneling Transistor
RTT –> Round-Trip Time
RTTI –> Run Time Type Information/Identification
RTTY –> Radio Teletype (Funkfernschreiben)
RTU –> Radio and Television Union
RTU –> Radio/Receiver Transmitter Unit
RTU –> Remote Terminal/Test/Trunking Unit
RTU –> Real Time Unit/UNIX/Updating
RTU –> Rigas Tehniska Universitate, Lettland
RTU –> Routing Table Update
RTV –> Real Time Video
RTWFQ –> Read The Whole Fantastic Question (Slang)
RU –> Request/Response Unit
RUA –> Remote User Agent
RUC –> Reservation Upon Collision (Scheme)
RULL –> Rechnerunterstuetztes Lehren und Lernen
RUM –> Rechenzentrum Universitaet Mannheim
RUOK –> Are You Ok (Slang)
RUP –> Rational Unified Process
RUS –> Rechenzentrum der Universitaet Stuttgart
RUSH –> Remote Use of Shared Hardware
RUTE –> Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition (Linux)
RV –> Real Virtuality
RV –> Rotational Vibration
RVI –> Reverse Interrupt
RVL –> Ringverteilungsleiter
RVML –> Rich Vector Markup Language
RVP –> Rendezvous Protocol
RVS –> Rotational Vibration Safeguard
RVSA –> Remote Variant Selection Algorithm
RW –> Rewritable
RWB –> Responsive Workbench
RWI –> Reset Window Indicator
RWI –> Reversed Word Index
RWM –> Read Write Memory
RWP –> RIP While Printing
RWS –> Rufweiterschaltung
RWT –> Random Walk Theory
RWTH –> Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule, Aachen
RX –> Receive Data
RX –> Receiver
RXC –> Receive Clock
RXD –> Received Data
RYS –> Read Your Screen (Slang)
RZ –> Rechenzentrum
RZ –> Return to Zero
RZG –> Rechenzentrum Garching (MPG)
RZM –> Root Zone Maintainer

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