O – Abkürzungen von Fachbegriffen aus der IT

“O” – Abkürzungsverzeichnis von Fachbegriffen aus der IT – dies bedeuten sie!

Fachsprachen gerade aus dem IT Umfeld haben es in sich! Doch gibt es für einen Fachbegriff auch noch eine Abkürzung, so haben oft selbst Experten aus einem angrenzenden Fachgebiet Probleme dessen Bedeutung zu erahnen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir hier ein kleines Abkürzungsverzeichnis aus dem EDV Bereich online gestellt.

Abkürzung –> Bedeutung


O –> Object, Open, Operate, Optical
OA –> Open Access
OAA –> Open Agent Architecture
OAD –> Open Access to Data
OAEP –> Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding
OAF –> Origin Address Field
OAG –> Open Application Group
OAI –> Offene Anwendungs- und Interkommunikationssysteme
OAI –> Open Applications Interface
OAI –> Open Archive Initiative
OAI –> Oracle Academic Initiative
OAIS –> Open Archival Information System
OAM –> Object Attribute Memory
OAM –> Operations, Administration, Maintenance
OAO –> Over And Out (Slang)
OASIS –> Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OATUS –> On A Totally Unrelated Subject (Slang)
OAUS –> On An Unrelated Subject (Slang)
OAW –> Optically Assisted Winchester
OB –> Orange Book
OBC –> Onboard Computer
OBE –> Overcome By Events (Slang)
OBEX –> Object Exchange (Protocol, Bluetooth)
OBEX –> Open Blacklist Exchange (Protocol)
OBI –> Online Book Inititative
OBO –> Or Best Offer (Slang)
OBS –> Objektbanksystem
OBS –> Optical Burst Switching
OBST –> Object Management System of STONE
OBTW –> Oh, By The Way (Slang)
OBU –> On Board Unit
OC –> Open Control
OC –> Optical Carrier
OC –> Overclocked
OC3 –> Optical Carrier Level 3
OCA –> Object/Open Component Architecture
OCALA –> Open Common Annotation Language
OCB –> Optically Compensated Bend
OCC –> Omas/Opas Computer-Club
OCC –> Operations Control Center
OCC –> Other Common Carrier
OCCC –> Obfuscated C Code Contest
OCE –> Open Collaborative Environment (Apple)
OCFS –> Oracle Cluster File System
OCI –> Object Code Insertion
OCI –> Operational Cryptography and Interception
OCI –> Oracle Call Interface
OCL –> Operator/Operation Control Language
OCLC –> Online Cataloging/Computer Library Catalog/Center
OCP –> Optical Storage Processor
OCR –> Optical Character/Curve Recognition
OCR –> Oracle Cluster Registry
OCS –> Object Compatibility Standard
OCS –> Open Cabling System
OCSP –> Online Certificate Status Protocol
OCT –> Object Code Translator
OCTD –> Observation, Conclusion, Temporary Data
OCX –> OLE Control Extensions
OD –> Open Data
ODA –> Open Data Applications
ODA –> Open/Office Document Architecture
ODAC –> Open Document Architecture Consortium
ODAM –> Open Distributed Application Model
ODAPI –> Open Database Application Programming Interface
ODB –> Object Oriented Data Base
ODBC –> Open Data Base Connectivity (Microsoft)
ODBMS –> Object Oriented Database Management System
ODC –> Overdrive Circuit
ODCS –> Open Distributed Computing Structure
ODD –> Open Data Desktop
ODE –> Object Data and Environment
ODE –> Open Dynamics Engine
ODE –> Ordinary Differential Equation
ODE –> OSF Development Environment
ODETTE –> Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele-Transmission in Europe
ODF –> On Disk Format
ODF –> Open Document Format
ODF –> OpenDoc Development Framework
ODFA –> Open Document Format Alliance
ODI –> Open Data-Link Interface (Novell)
ODIF –> Open/Office Document Interchange Format
ODIMS –> Open Distributed Information Management System
ODINSUP –> ODI-NDIS Supplementary Driver
ODL –> Object Definition Language, Optical Disc Library
ODM –> Object Data Manager
ODMA –> Open Document Management API
ODMG –> Object Data/Database Management Group
ODMR –> On Demand Mail Relay
ODN –> Optical Data Network
ODP –> Open Directory Project
ODP –> Open Distributed Processing
ODR –> Optical Digital Reference
ODS –> Offene Datenschnittstelle
ODS –> Offenes Deutsches Schulnetz
ODS –> On Disc Structure (File System)
ODS –> Open Data Services
ODSI –> Open Directory Service Interface
ODT –> On-Die Termination
ODTM –> Optical Time Division Multiplexing
ODVA –> Open Device-Net Vendor Association
OE –> Opportunistic Encryption
OE –> Output Enable
OEB –> Open Electronic Book
OEBL –> Oeffentlicher beweglicher Landfunk
OECD –> Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEF –> Origin Element Field
OEM –> Odd Even Merge (Graph, Netz)
OEM –> Original Equipment Manufacturer
OES –> Odd Even Sort (Graph, Netz)
OES –> Open Enterprise Server (Novell)
OF –> Overflow Flag
OFA –> Optimal Flexible Architecture
OFAP –> Old Fart At Play (Slang)
OFB –> Output Feedback
OFCOM –> Office of Communications, UK
OFD –> Optical Frequency Division Demultiplexer/Demultiplexing
OFDM –> Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex/Multiplexing
OFE –> Open Financial Exchange
OFET –> Organic Field Effect Transistor
OFFIS –> Oldenburger Forschungs- und Entwicklungsinstitut fuer Informatik-Werkzeuge und -Systeme
OFHC –> Oxygen Free High Conductivity (Copper)
OFM –> Optical Frequency Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
OFS –> Object File System
OFS –> Old File System (Amiga)
OFS –> Output Field Separator
OFTC –> Open and Free Technology Community
OFTP –> Odette File Transfer Protocol
OFW –> Oberflaechenwelle
OFX –> Open Financial Exchange
OGIS –> Open Geodata Interoperability Specification
OGM –> Ogg Media
OGSA –> Open Grid Services Architecture
OGSI –> Open Grid Services Infrastructure
OH –> Off Hook
OHA –> Open Handset Alliance
OHCI –> Open Host Controller Interface
OHR –> Over Horizon RADAR
OIC –> Oh, I See (Slang)
OIC –> Operator Interface Console
OID –> Object Identifier (IANA)
OIDC –> Object Identifier Component
OIDL –> Object Interface Definition Language
OII –> (European Commission's) Open Information Interchange (Service)
OIL –> Ontology Inference Layer
OIM –> Object Interaction Model
OIM –> Office of Information Management
OIM –> Offline Instant Message
OIM –> Open Information Model
OIM –> Operating Instruction Manual
OIM –> Operations/Operator Interface Module
OIM –> Optical Interface Module
OIM –> Oracle Identity Management
OIM –> OSI Internet Management
OIN –> Open Invention Network
OIO –> Open Infrastructure for Outcomes
OIRT –> Organisation International de Radio et Television
OIS –> Office/Online Information System
OIT –> Object Identifier Tree
OIU –> Operator Interface Unit
OIV –> Object Identifier Value
OIW –> OSI Implementors‘ Workshop
OK –> Oberer Kanal
OKKSA –> Offener Katalog fuer Kommunale Softwareanforderungen
OLALA –> Open Local Area Linux Applications
OLAP –> Online Analytical Processing
OLC –> Online Computer
OLC –> Optical Link Card
OLD –> Optical Line Distribution
OLE –> Object Linking and Embedding
OLE –> Open License for Education
OLED –> Organic Light Emitting Device/Diode/Display
OLI –> Open Link Interface (Novell)
OLI –> Optical Phone Line Interface
OLIT –> Open Look Intrinsic Toolkit
OLIX –> On-Line Informationssystem UNIX
OLM –> Optical Link Modul
OLP –> Open License Plan/Program
OLPC –> One Laptop Per Child
OLS –> Ordinary Least Squares
OLSR –> Optimized Link State Routing (Protocol)
OLT –> Optical Line Terminal/Termination
OLTC –> On Line Trace Compression
OLTP –> On Line Transaction Processing
OLWM –> Open Look Window Manager
OM –> Object Manager
OM –> Old Man (Radioamateur)
OM –> Optimal Mismatch
O&M –> Operation and Maintenance
OMA –> Object/Open Management Architecture
OMA –> Open Mobile Alliance/Architecture
OMAC –> One-key Message Authentication Code
OMAP –> Open Multimedia Applications Protocol
OMAP –> Operation and Maintenance Part
OMC –> Operation and Maintenance Center
OMCR –> Operation and Maintenance Center Radio
OMCS –> Operation and Maintenance Center Switch
OME –> On-board Modul Extension
OMF –> Object Management Facility/Framework
OMF –> Object Module Format
OMF –> Open Media Framework
OMF –> Open Source Metadata Framework
OMFS –> Open Mosix File System
OMG –> Object Management Group
OMI –> Open Messaging/Modelling Interface
OMI –> Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative
OML –> Object Manipulation Language
OMR –> Optical Mark Recognition
OMS –> Object management System
OMT –> Object Modelling Technique
OMUP –> Operating and Maintenance User Part
ONAL –> Off-Network Access Line
ONC –> Open Network Computing (Sun)
ONCS –> Open Network Compute Server
ONE –> Open Net/Network Environment (Sun)
ONI –> Operator Number Identification
ONM –> Open Network Management
ONMS –> Open Network Management System
ONN –> Open Network Node
ONNA –> Oh No, Not Again (Slang)
ONNTA –> Oh No, Not This Again (Slang)
ONP –> Open Network Provision
ONP –> Open Network Provision
ONP –> Open Networking Platform
ONS –> Object Naming/Numbering System
ONU –> Optical Network Unit
OO –> Owner Override
OOA –> Object Oriented (System) Analysis
OOC –> Object Oriented Concepts
OOC –> Out Of Characters (Slang)
OOD –> Object Oriented Design
OODBMS –> Object Oriented Database Management System
OOE –> Objektorientierter Entwurf
OOF –> Out Of Frame
OOI –> Object Of Interest (Slang)
OOI –> Object Oriented Implementation
OOIS –> Object Oriented Information System
OOK –> On Off Keying
OOL –> Object Oriented Language
OON –> Object Oriented Nonsens
OOO –> Object Oriented Operation
OOO –> Openoffice.org
OOO –> Out Of Office/Option/Order
OOP –> Object Oriented Pleasure/Programming
OOP –> Out Of Print (Slang)
OOPL –> Object Oriented Programming Language
OOPS –> Object Oriented Programming System
OOPS –> Objext Oriented Proxy Server
OOPS –> Out Of Phase Stereo
OOPSLA –> Object Orientied Programming Systems, Languages and Applications
OOSA –> Object-Oriented Software Architecture
OOT –> Object Oriented Technology
OOTB –> Out Of The Box (Slang)
OOTC –> Obligatory On-Topic Comment (Slang)
OOXML –> Office OpenXML (Microsoft)
OPA –> Old Programmers Association
OPA –> Open Protocol Architecture
OPA –> Overview Pac Attribute
OPAC –> Online Public Access Catalogue
OPAL –> Optische Anschlussleitung, Optical Access Line
OPB –> On-Chip Peripheral Bus
OPC –> OLE for Process Control
OPC –> Optical Photo Conductor
OPC –> Optical Proximity Correction
OPC –> Output Control
OPCAT –> Object Process CASE Tool
OPD –> Oberpostdirektion
OPD –> Original Point of Distribution
OPD –> Output Driver
OPEN –> Optical Pan-European Network
OPI –> Open Prepress Interface
OPI –> Operator Interface
OPIC –> Open Programmable Interrupt Controller
OPIE –> Open Palmtop Integrated Environment
OPL –> Open Publication License
OPM –> Object Process Methodology
OPM –> Operations Per Minute
OPM –> Output Protection Management
OPML –> Outline Processor Markup Language
OPN –> Open Projects Network
OPP –> Object Push Profile (Bluetooth)
OPP –> Open Publication Policy
OPS –> Online Programming and Simulation
OPS –> Open Profiling Standard
OPS –> Oracle Parallel Server
OPSEC –> Open Platform for Security
OPT –> Open Protocol Technology
OPTA –> Onafhankelijke Post en Telecommunicatie Autoriteit (NL)
OPUS –> Octal Program Updating System
OPUS –> Online Publikationsverbund der Universitaet Stuttgart
OPUS –> Overlay Peer Utility Service
OPX –> Off Premises Extension
OQL –> Object Query Language
OQPSK –> Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
OR –> Operations Research
ORACLE –> Optional Reception of Announcement by Coded Line Electronics
ORB –> Object Request Broker
ORBL –> Open Relay Black List
ORDB –> Open Relay Data Base
ORG –> org: organizational; Internet-Domain: Organisationen in den USA
ORM –> Object Relational Mapper/Mapping
ORM –> Object/Oracle Role Manager/Model/Modeling
ORM –> Online Resource Management
ORM –> Operational Rules Model
ORM –> Optically Remote Module
ORM –> OSI Reference Model
ORNL –> Oak Ridge National Laboratory
OROM –> Optical Read Only Memory
ORP –> Open Router Project
ORS –> Open Relay Server
ORS –> Output Record Separator
ORSN –> (European) Open Root Server Network
OS –> Operating System
OS –> Output Specification
OSA –> Open Scripting/Services/Solutions/Storage/Systems Architecture
OSA –> Open System Authentication
OSA –> Optical Society of America
OSACA –> Open System Architecture for Controls within Automation Systems
OSADL –> Open Source Automation Development Laboratory
OSAF –> Origin Subarea Address Field
OSBF –> Open Source Business Foundation
OSC –> On Scene Commander
OSC –> Open System Center (IBM)
OSC –> Operating System Command
OSCAR –> Open System for Communication in Realtime
OSCAR –> Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
OSCI –> Online Services Computer Interface
OSD –> Object-based Storage Device
OSD –> On Screen Display
OSD –> Open Software Description (Format)
OSD –> Open Source Definition
OSDB –> Open Source Database Benchmark
OSDL –> Open Source Development Lab/Labs, Oregon
OSE –> Open Systems/Software Environment
OSF –> Open Software Foundation
OSG –> Open Science Grid
OSGI –> Open Services Gateway Initiative
OSI –> Open Source Initiative
OSI –> Open Systems Interconnect/Interconnection (ISO)
OSIE –> Open Systems Interconnection Environment
OSINLCP –> OSI Network Layer Control Protocol
OSITOP –> Open Systems Interconnection Technical and Office Protocols
OSL –> Object Script Language
OSL –> Open Subscription License
OSM –> On Screen Menue
OSM –> Operating System Specific/Service Module
OSNR –> Optical Signal to Noise Ratio
OSNR –> Optical Signal to Noise Ratio
OSO –> Overscan Operation
OSPF –> Open Shortest Path First (Internet)
OSPI –> Operating System Programming Interface
OSPM –> Operating System-directed Configuration and Power Management
OSQL –> Object Structured Query Language
OSS –> Object Storage Server
OSS –> Open Sound System
OSS –> Open Source Software/Solution
OSS –> Operational/Operator Support System
OSSO –> Open Source Solutions Operation (HP)
OST –> Object Storage Target
OSTA –> Optical Storage Technology Association
OSTG –> Open Source Technology Group
OSTM –> Open System Transaction Management
OSTP –> Office of Science and Technology Policy
OSU –> Officially Sanctionized User
OSU –> Ohio/Oklahoma/Oregon/Oswego State University
OSU –> On-orbit Serviceable Unit
OSU –> Optical Scanning Unit
OSVS –> Operating System Virtual Storage
OT –> Object Technology
OT –> Off Topic (Slang)
OT –> Open Theory/Transport/Type
OT –> Ordering Table
OTA –> Over The Air
OTA –> US Congress Office of Technology Assessment
OTD –> Optical Time Division
OTDM –> Optical Time Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
OTDR –> Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
OTF –> Open Token Foundation
OTF –> Open Type Font
OTG –> (USB) On The Go
OTI –> Original Transmitter Identification
OTIST –> One Touch Intelligent Secutity Technology
OTL –> Out To Lunch (Slang)
OTM –> On Time Marker
OTOH –> On The Other Hand (Slang)
OTP –> One-Time Pad/Password/Programmable
OTP –> Open Trading Protocol
OTP –> Opposite Track Path
OTR –> One Touch Record/Recording
OTRS –> Open Ticket Request System
OTTH –> On The Third Hand (Slang)
OUI –> Organizationally Unique Identifier
OUM –> Ovonic Unified Memory
OURS –> Open Users Recommended Solutions
OV –> Overflow
OVC –> Over-Current Protection
OVL –> Over-Load Protection
OVL –> Overlay
OVP –> Over-Voltage Protection
OVST –> Ortsvermittlungsstelle
OVT –> Over-Temperature Protextion
OWA –> Outlook Web Access
OWAMP –> One Way Active Measurement Protocol
OWFS –> Optical WORM File System
OWG –> Optical Waveguide
OWL –> Object/Open Windows Library
OWL –> One World Language
OWL –> Online Web Library
OWL –> Open Wire Line
OWL –> Operational Web Link
OWL –> Oracle Web Listener
OWL –> Web Ontology Language (sic!)
OXID –> Object Exporter Identifier

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  • "otg" abkuerzung

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